“The Moment He Took Her”

“The Moment He Took Her”

While cleaning out some old emails the other day, I found something buried in the drafts folder. The title immediately jumped out at me, but then I read the preview text: “I stroked to the rhythmic creaking of our…” I thought to myself, “Oh my god, this is porn!” I had written it back in March 2018, most likely while very horny. As I had a very strong fantasy life (and at this point wasn’t even close to the level of transparency I now share with my wife), writing erotica was an outlet for me to express my sexuality, especially in violent moments of lust. Below is the entire, unedited text. I hope you enjoy it as much as I apparently enjoyed writing it.

I stroked to the rhythmic creaking of our marriage bed. My wife had moved to her back, legs spread eagerly in the air to accept him. He mounted her, powerful thrusts now filling our chamber with the distinct sounds of their lovemaking. The squeaks of the first bed we bought together. The wetness of her cunt for him. The purrs of a woman in heat.

Her perfectly-painted nails dug trenches into his chiseled back while her eyes rolled back towards the headboard. My anxiety surged at the sight of my enraptured bride. I felt my heartbeat in my throat and in my cock. I stroked faster. Her lover’s tight, beautiful ass quickened its pounding beneath her thighs. It was about all I could see from my corner but with every stroke, it revealed for the slightest moment the sight of his thickness buried bare in my wife’s pussy.

Then his grunting joined the symphony of their sex. My wife’s legs wrapped tightly around his waist and she whispered something in his ear that I couldn’t hear. This brought him over the edge, for no sooner than her lips kissed his ear did he press his hips into her as hard as he could and groan. His balls twitched beneath his ass and I knew that in that moment, his sperm was flooding into her. He was marking her and her legs made it clear that she’d have it no other way. The thought of his cock pumping inside her made me lose control. My own seed started to spill out onto my hand while his soaked into her pussy. She was taken.

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